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Published on January 8, 2021
How do you choose the best pediatrician for your child? Here are the top questions you should ask to find the right fit—along with a printable checklist you can take with you to the doctor. Read More
Published on December 24, 2020
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Los Angeles (Dec. 23, 2020) – One-year-old Jacob Cooper loves clapping his hands, blowing bubbles and looking at the pictures in his new Buzz Lightyear book. But his favorite thing is simply to smile. Read More
Published on December 23, 2020
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How far would you go to save a child’s life? Not your own child, but the child of someone you didn’t even know? Meet baby Jacob—and the man who flew across the country and underwent a four-hour surgery to save him. Read More
Published on December 16, 2020
Don’t wear a mask with a valve. Yes, you need to cover your nose. And here’s why your glasses keep fogging up.  Read More
Published on December 10, 2020
A special Disney program is bringing comfort, joy and a little magic to patients and families at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Read More
Published on December 9, 2020
A $5 million gift from the Wyss Foundation is helping the Children’s Orthopaedic Center provide high-quality care to more kids in need. Read More
Published on December 8, 2020
Throughout their granddaughter’s nine-year battle with cancer, the Gelfands supported CHLA—a steadfast philanthropic partnership that continues today. Read More
Published on December 8, 2020
This newly identified disorder is affecting some children with previous cases of COVID-19. Read More
Published on December 8, 2020
Ready to play? Dr. Bianca Edison shares four important tips for carefully getting back into the game when recreational and league sports start up again. Read More
Published on December 7, 2020
A grant from The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust is allowing CHLA to study an innovative model of caring for young people with Type 1 diabetes. Read More
Published on December 6, 2020
Diagnosed with a rare lung disorder, Alessio faced an uncertain future. Today, he is thriving thanks to CHLA’s unique expertise. Read More
Published on December 3, 2020
One year after leaving Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, 2-year-old Quinn is beating the odds and thriving despite a severe birth defect. Read More
Published on December 1, 2020
Parents frequently seek medical advice for the appearance of their child's lower extremities. Genu Varum, known as bowlegs, is a common concern and can ultimately lead to referral to an orthopaedic surgeon. Genu varum can be physiologic or pathologic, and the most common form of... Read More
Published on November 30, 2020
On Tuesday, Dec. 1, radio personality Ellen K will anchor 12 hours of dedicated programming on KOST 103.5 to generate support for CHLA’s year-end fundraising campaign Read More
Published on November 24, 2020
Research suggests a potential link between SARS-CoV-2 mutations and disease severity. Read More
Published on November 20, 2020
A love of mariachi helps a young patient battle a rare genetic condition. Read More
Published on November 18, 2020
A new Children’s Hospital Los Angeles study shows that machine learning could aid clinicians with a rare hormone disorder. Read More
Published on November 18, 2020
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is pleased to announce the election of four new independent members—Diana M. Bontá, RN, DrPH; George H. Brown; Byron Pollitt; and Sheri Sani, CPA—and the appointment of one new ex-officio member to the CHLA Board of Directors, which establishes... Read More
Published on November 13, 2020
Team model of care leads to shorter hospital stays, less time on bypass support and lower mortality rates. Read More
Published on November 13, 2020
Aneurysms can evolve rapidly, putting patients at risk for blood clots and heart attack. Read More